For Kate, being alive is making art.

In addition to Kate’s current solo and collaborative art, there is a large body of work from her long career as a full-time visual artist. Take a look at her resume for listings of art projects, exhibitions, and publications.

Some of Kate Collie’s art is currently available to purchase.


Kate Collie


Selected art projects

Crane Dance
Poems about cranes by her mother, Rosemary Kelley, and her art about cranes as peacemakers were compiled in this book.
Painting Voices, Singing Colour
These videos, photos, and music show Kate in action with jazz singer Brian Tate during some of their improvisational performances.
Tram Chim
These paintings tell a story of international cooperation following the post-war return of cranes to southern Viet Nam.
Signs of Confluence
A collaboration with Mia Weinberg resulted in these photograms about the artificial boundary between nature and culture.
Soldier’s Heart
These large oil paintings tell the story of one Viet Nam veteran's struggles with PTSD and his recovery through art therapy.
Congruent Worlds
The crane dance flies in to the 21st century finding new paths to good health.